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Finally have moved into a nice house with plenty of room. No more cramped apartment. Now that I have a room to call my own I can get back to what I love the most...CREATING :)
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I need to focus but have a tendency to just go where life takes me. Sometimes being the "water" and taking the path of least resistance gets nothing done.
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Well, as per my previous journal entry it seem the problem is not resolved.

Please view the following site and see if any body elses work has been ripped off and put up for sale:…

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Some jerk from China is selling my Electromagnetic Aero Carriage here:…

At first I thought he was building the model and then selling it (which I'm cool with). But to charge people for a paper model I give away for free?

He/She is charging $20 a pop to for a paper model they have to put together.

UPDATE: Problem has been resolved after contact with the seller. My model has been removed.
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Well I've finally finished another paper model just in time for Christmas!

While I have a few more paper models on the horizon it will be a bit. As usual life intervene and I am busy with family and work. I hope to get more models completed soon.

Merry Christmas everyone :)
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If you have not already heard of this site I highly recommend it:

If you are new to digital painting or Photoshop Matt Kohr has done an exceptional job creating a user friendly site for people who want to learn the basics or just really get under the hood of some of PS's functions.

So go check it out if you have the chance :)
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Why am I more creative at 2 am when I need to be at work at 8 am?

Not fair I tell you!
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Plowing forward

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 7:09 AM
I finally found (after many trials) a great workflow for my paper model creation. Sketchup 8 (Free).

An awesome and fast way to create models and edit them quickly (which is awesome for an impatient person such as myself).

With all of the free (as in beer and cookies) plugins available there is absolutely nothing I can not design.

And on top of all of this I get a free premium membership for a day :p

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Nothing to see here folks....move along, move along.

Working on several paper model Victorian houses. I would like to release them as a set instead of individually but, who knows.
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I finally got my little art room completed.
The "Imaginarium" :D
I figured it was an apt name since that's what goes on in there.

I am also writing this from Linux Mint. I am slowly figuring this OS out. After years of using MS Shaftware I got the shats of it.
So now it's time for some hardcore creativity folks.

It's nice to get back to some semblance of normality.

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for their little artistic space. I'm not sure what to call mine yet.
I've come up with a few names:
Man Cave
The Bunker
The Caverns of Creativity

Anyway...whatever I come up with it will be my area of imagination and creation.

What do you think world?
Now that I'm settling and able to relax a little m imagination is finally kicking in and I a feeling the creative bug again.

Thank God for miracles. I don't know what I'd have done without my "Family" (you know who you are ;) ).
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After many battles the mighty Grand-Maw was vanquished.
It was a long a perilous adventure and none escaped unscathed, but alas, we have survived and have found freedom.

Now we languish in the safety of our little hobbit hole and will enjoy peace once again.

This quest could not have been achieved without the help of the Fellowship whom I hold very dear to my heart.
Stout and virtuous friends who have been there from the beginning and whose friendship never wavered.
To them I say thank you.

Thus ends a tale of dread and whoa and our gallant heroes ride of into the glorious sunset to enjoy a new life.

Cheers to all!
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I am absolutely flabbergasted at the response to my Aero-Carriage paper model.

Thank you all so much for the kind comments and watches. Now all I have to do is top myself with the next one :D
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My updates have been less than stellar lately because I finally found employment. Unfortunately it takes me from what I love to do...CREATE!

So, while I am disheartened I shall not give up on my endeavors to keep creating wonderful things :painter:
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Just received my DVD from the Blender Foundation:
Chaos and Evolutions

If you are into 2D digital art I would highly recommend this DVD. David Revoy does a fantastic job giving you tips and advise on work-flow and techniques.

You can check it out here:…
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This last week has been emotional to say the least. So I've been dooing a lot of painting with MyPaint and found that it's extremely relaxing.
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This hot weather makes it hard to do anything!

Thought running toward doing an entire papercraft village.

Sounds like fun.
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I like creating paper models because, for a change, all of the things that I've done in 3D (and there's a ton of it) I can actually create something that can take a solid form. I know there are places where you can get you models "printed" in 3d with resins and such but where is the fun in that? Besides I want to give other people the chance to make the things I create :)

Seeing something take shape in the physical world is why I got interested in design/drafting in the first place. I miss that aspect of it. An aspect I never had when I worked at JCI (A.K.A the dump). I had that at DeWalt and at ADA. If I could ever find it again I would be happy. Working for a small company that designs machines for all types of applications would bring me great joy. Alas...I can't even get hired at that great "W" conglomerate. Paper or plastic?

Fook it! I'll just stick with my paper models.
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I've got all of these ideas floating around in my head.
I need to write them down before I forget them ;)

Some of them are pretty good too!
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